Official dED and BURYd Website

Rock Music Infused with Horror and Insanity

Ed Malaker
Vocals, Guitar
Nancy Bury
Bass Guitar
Matt Nielsen
dED and BURYd Band picture Ed Malaker Nancy Bury Matt Nielsen

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dED and BURYd is a 3 piece rock band from the Carbondale area of PA USA formed in January of 2011 by Ed Malaker and Nancy Bury.

dED and BURYd got their name by placing the letter d in front of Ed and by placing the letter d after Nancys last name Bury to arrive at dED and BURYd.

After performing several shows as a 2 piece band with a folk/country style they found drummer Matt Neilsen and decided to take a much heavier horror rock direction with their music and permanently become the 3 piece band they are today.

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So far dED and BURYd have put out 3 collections of songs.

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